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Bulbble (2019)
for multichannel electro-mechanical DIY instrument with lightbulbs and relays.

Bulbble is an electronic DIY instrument that allows music created from the pulse-timbre continuum of acoustic sounds that are generated from relays, the electromagnetic relationships between relays as well as incorporating pulses of relays, electricity, lights and sounds as vibrations.  Using buttons, knobs, relays, and lightbulbs, Viola also explores the sonic and performative relationships that emerges from these relationships. 

Bulbble receives an Honorary Mention from Giga Hertz Preis from ZKM (Center for Arts and Media) in Karlsruhe in 2021.

Performance History

Oct 26, 2020         Music Mondays series, Bennington College, VT, USA. online event.

Sept 19, 2020         Festiwal solowych wyltspów improv., Macondo, Wrocław, Poland

Feb 22, 2020         Music Hackathon, Weav Music, Brooklyn, NY, US

Jan 29, 2020          Odd Wednesday at ACUD macht neu, in collaboration with violinist Biliana Vouchtkova,

                                 Berlin , Germany 
Jan 11, 2020            Women Between Arts at the Stone / the New School, New York, New York 
October 8, 2019     Blechtrommel at NYU, New York, New York 
August 25, 2019     Soon #2, Spectrum, Brooklyn, New York, NY 
August 4, 2019        My Favorite Machines, Willows Nest, Berlin, Germany 
June 12, 2019          DC Currents, Helicopter project space, the Hague, Netherlands. 
May 15, 2019           No Hay Banda concert series #13, La Sala Rossa, Montreal, Canada 
April 27, 2019         Cycling ’74 Expo, Mohawk Theater, North Adams, MA 
April 26, 2019         Closing Performance at Thessia Machado’s solo exhibition “Toward the Unsound”, Arts Club of

                                Chicago, Chicago, IL 
April 13, 2019          Aotuspace, Beijing. 
April 12, 2019          Miji concert 60, studio h, Beijing 
April 05, 2019         Subliminal Lounge 05: Sunergy, SAAL, Hong Kong 
Mar 21, 2019           duo with Daniel Silliman on modular synth, Subjective Objects, 61 local, Brooklyn, NY 
Mar 23, 2019          Viola Yip and Her Material Girl, solo portrait concert, as part of the 2nd Annual Female Composers 

                                Festival at Spectrum, New York, NY Mar 21, 2019 - 1106 Reedsdale Street, Pittsburgh, PA 
Mar 14, 2019           Super Dark Thursdays, Desperate Annie’s, Saratoga Spring, NY 
Mar 9, 2019            Electrozone, Grayhaven Motel, Ithaca, NY 
Mar 7, 2019            Broad Statement, hosted by The Rhythm Method, The Cell, New York, NY 

Online-specific iteration for Music Mondays at Bennington College, Vermont, USA

Solo performance for Women Between Arts, the New School, New York, USA

Performance Pictures (click the arrow for more pictures)
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