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Beyer-Yip Duo

Incorporating the design of a Lazy Susan (a turntable for dining) as its foundation, Lazy Susan is used as a performative tool that allows for the translation of our musical body gestures into sounds via sonic feedback. This mechanically and digitally mediated feedback is made musical through various turning speeds that set various relationships between the three speakers and microphones. Its sound is further filtered analogically by various objects, such as finger cymbals and papers that are used for this piece.

Lazy studies.jpg

Viola Yip, modified lazy susan (self-built feedback turntable) and voice

Kriton Beyer, daxophone

**If you experience any difficulties viewing the videos on your browser, please click to view it on the youtube site. **

About Viola Yip's self-built feedback turntable
About Kriton Beyer's daxophone

Kriton Beyer and Viola Yip join forces as a duo, with the shared interest in DIY aspects of sound making, foregrounding materialities of instruments as well as working with feedback as a musical medium in improvised music.

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