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Nov 9, 2023 Disavowals, hosted by Nixie Mae, Cashmere Radio

Nov 11, 2023 Sentimental Punk #68: Magnetic Sleep - Geiser, Vogel & Yip 

Nov 16, 2023 VAMH PRÄSENTATIONEN #86 MIT VIOLA YIP, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg

Nov 22, 2023 Heroine of Sound in Ausland, Berlin

Dec 16, 2023 “A P P A R A T | A U G M E N T E D”, Trio with Weston Olencki and Samuel Stoll at KM28 

Jan 31, 2024 Hyperspace, Telematic Performance Installation, School of Creative Media, Hong Kong City University

Feb 20, 2024 Carnegie Hills Concerts, New York City 

Feb 22, 2024 The Red Room, Baltimore


Feb 23, 2024 Entropy Stereo Performance Space, Redford, Michigan 

March 1, 2024 New Work Premiere, performed by Line Upon Line, Crashbox, Austin Texas

March 9, 2024 The Lab, San Francisco 

March 10, 2024 Duo with Ken Ueno, Mosswood Concert Series, sfSound, Oakland

March 12, 2024 Monkspace, Los Angeles 

April 4, 2024 BY Duo, with Kriton Beyer, Interpenetration Series, Graz, Austria

April 9, 2024 Sonorities Festival, Belfast, UK

April 25, 2024 Transsonic at "Nachtstorm" Concert Series, Gare du Nord, Basel, Switzerland

May 5, 2024 Transsonic "Sonic Lightning", Tanzhalle Wissenbrg, Berlin

June 1, 2024 "Liminal Lines" at sample&hold series, Akademie der Künste Berlin

June 7-9, 2024 Claws of Saurtopia Noisefest, Leipzig

June 17-23, 2024 Elektronmusikstudion EMS residency, Stockholm, Sweden

Sept 3-5, 2024 Berlin Solo Improv, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin

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