The Quarantine Concerts

@ Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

March 07, 2021

9:00 pm CET

3:00 pm EST 

2:00 pm CST

A streaming concert curated by Emma Hospelhorn and Katinka Kleijn. Program features works by Brittney Green, Molaq (Marek Poliks and Murat Çolak), Ed Wilkerson and myself. My set will be starting at 9:30pm CET. 

Streaming at:

Chamäleon Verbindungen in Kassel

March 16, 2021

8:00 pm CET

Uli Phillipp, Joshua Weitzel and myself will create a site-specific telematic performance with electronics and guitar at Lolita Bar, Kassel.

Streaming link TBA.

Composer Talk with Line Upon Line Percussion

April 16, 2021

7:00 pm CET

1:00 pm EST

Composer Talk with Austin,Texas-based Percussion Trio Line Upon Line.

Streaming link TBA.

NUNC! 4 New Music Conference and Festival

April 24, 2021

Time TBC

Postponed from last year, NUNC! 4 at Northwestern University in Chicago will be a virtual conference this year. I will be presenting a new iteration of my DIY instrument Bulbble.

Conference program here. Event link TBA.

Look and Listen Festival in New York City

May 22, 2021

Time TBC

Ken Ueno and myself are collaborating to create a new telematic work. More info soon! Stay tuned!

A l'arme festival in Berlin

July 29-31, 2021

Time and Date TBC

Guest Performer for Unstumm Project. Performing with Nicola Hein (guitar) and Claudia Schmitz (video art and sculpture) and Axel Dörner (trumpet). 

Distant Pairs @ Issue Project Room, NYC

July, 2021

Time and Date TBC

Stay tuned. More info soon! 

Transsonic @ Seanaps Festival, Leipzig

Sept 23-26, 2021

Time and Date TBC

Transsonic (Nicola Hein and I) is presenting a new iteration of our set for the Seanaps Festival in Leizig. 

Vertixe Sonora Ensemble (Spain) in Hong Kong

Feburary 09, 2022

Time TBC

Premiere of a new work, by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble (Spain), 

at The Box in Freespace 自由空間the West Kowloon Cultural District, HongKong