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Extended Extended Snare Drum (work in progress )
for augmented snare drum with electronics

Extended Extended Snare Drum is a hybrid instrument that aims to incorporate the snare as both
acoustic and electronic performative interface.

The project emerged after meeting and performing with Etienne Nillesen’s extended snare drum, through which he develops a rich sonic palette by combining the sonic materiality of the drum head, the resonating quality of the drum as well as using it as a modulating device with other sound objects. In this piece, I continue to extend the drum by incorporating conductive tapes on the drum head in search of alternative sonic options and potentials of what this instrument could offer. With the aid of Arduino embedded inside the drum, conductive tapes are designed for controlling electronics. Since the electronics and acoustic component are integrated on the same flat surface, it allows music to flow fluidly between the acoustic and electronic medium for further exploration of the sonic possibilities on snare drum.

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