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Forms of Erasure (2021)
for Ken Ueno and Viola Yip with voices, movements, objects and electronics
** commissioned by Look and Listen Festival 2021

The philosopher, Byung-Chul Han says, “In the present characterized by an excess of openings and
dissolving boundaries, we are losing the capacity for closure, and this means that life is becoming a
purely additive process. For something to die, life must find its own closure. If life is deprived of any
possibility of closure, it will end in non-time.”

Responding to the present Covid-19, distanced malaise, Viola Yip and Ken Ueno will present an
hour-long live telematic multimedia performance, "Forms of Erasure," for the Look and Listen Festival,
performing telematically from Hamburg and California, respectively. Engaging themselves as both
composers/sound artists and performers, Viola will perform using her DIY handmade electronic
instrument, while Ken will perform on extended vocals and electronics. Their piece will instrumentalize
the streaming network, expressively coaxing affordances of failure, sonic artifacts which serve as
evidence of life being lived in the present. Their piece asks us to consider: How can we reclaim time from
the Covid malaise of non-time? What are ways in which geographically-distanced performance can point
to the limits of what we feel as the “now?”

Performance History

May 22, 2021            Look and Listen Festival at Home Edition

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