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interFlux (2018)
for 3 dancers with interactive electronics

InterFLUX is devised and directed by Sydnie L. Mosley and Viola Yip in collaboration with Joan Bradford, Brittany Grier, Lindsey Silvera, Jessica Ray, Natasha Calixte, Liz Law and Jessica Lee.  

In this collaboration, we were interested in seeing how dancers’ body movements and sonic production could intersect, overlap and then interact in a performance. All the sounds are generated by sonic feedback. I, myself, perform the feedback with a foam board in the back, while dancers are interacting with the feedback by moving the microphone with their body movements. It is a choreographed piece that interweaves the choreographed body movements with the resulting sonic feedback.  

Performance History

Oct 12-13, 2018  "soundsteps II”, Brooklyn Studio for Dance, Brooklyn, NY

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