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Lazy Studies (2018)
for a modified lazy susan with audio feedback

Incorporating the design of a Lazy Susan (a turntable for dining) as its foundation, Lazy Susan is used as a performative tool that allows for the translation of our musical body gestures into sounds via sonic feedback. This mechanically and digitally mediated feedback is made musical through various turning speeds that set various relationships between the three speakers and microphones. Its sound is further filtered analogically by various objects, such as finger cymbals and papers that are used for this piece.

Performance History

Mar 10, 2022             Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University, California
Feb 26, 2022            Microscope Gallery, New York City
Oct 15, 2021              Subsol Raum für Kreative Extravaganzen, Düsseldorf, Germany
Sept 29, 2021            KM28, Berlin, Germany

Mar 16, 2020             Chamäleon Verbindungen, trio with Joshua Weitzel and Uli Phillips. Lolitar Bar, Kassel, Germany.

Mar 02, 2020            Subjective Objects #2, Waverly Labs, New York University, NY, USA

Feb 29, 2020            CHIMEFEST, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US

Feb 12, 2020             duo with Adam Pulty Melbye on feedback bass, "Reception", The Luthern Church, Dublin, Ireland

Feb 11, 2020              duo with Adam Pulty Melbye on feedback bass, Handmade Music, Black Box, Belfast, UK

Jan 25, 2020             duo with Emilio Gordoa, Kühlspot, Berlin, DE

Jan 14, 2020              duo with Lucie Vitkova on accordion, harmonica and feedback, Waverly Labs, New York University,

                                    NY, US

Jan 9, 2020               duo with Roberta Michel on a feedback flute, Women Innovating Sound Experience (WISE), Areté

                                    Venue and Gallery, Brooklyn , NY

May 22, 2019             "Haman, Music and Machine" conference, Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium

Mar 23, 2019              "Viola Yip and Her Material Girl", solo portrait concert, as part of the 2nd Annual Female Composers

                                    Festival at Spectrum, New York, NY

Mar 9, 2019                Electrozone, Grayhaven Motel, Ithaca, NY

July 22, 2018             Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Darmstadt, Germany

May 12, 2018             New York University, NY

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