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Liminal Lines (2022)
for self-built PVC dress, speaker cables, body movements and electronics

Liminal Lines is the development for the project “Between the Lines”. It is a live electronic music performance by Viola Yip on her self-made wearable instrument and her body movements. It explores a choreography between sound and movements, beyond the traditional notions of techniques and executions.

This wearable instrument, in the form of a dress, is made of various audio cables that allows audio signals to pass through. Her body, when wearing the dress, facilitates a wide range of distances, pressures, and speeds through her body movements. These body-and-instrument interactions devise performative relationships between the instrument and the human body, which allow complex sonorities to emerge and modulate over time.

Performance History:

17.02.2023 Electric Spring, University of Huddersfield, UK

11.03.2023 Spatial Work and Immersive Media Series, ZiMMT, Leipzig
                  ** commission to develop a 32-channel spatial audio for the dress

photo by Stephen Harvey, from the performance at Electric Spring, University of Huddersfield.
Feb 17, 2023.


video still from the performance livestream.
ZiMMT in Leipzig. March 11, 2023

If the video does not work properly, please use this link.

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