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PineApple On A Lonely Island (2021 )
For Laetitia Sonami and Viola Yip and their gestures, with electronics
Commissioned by Issue Project Room, NYC

Pine and Apple were stranded on an island and found nothing but themselves. Two strangers,
they needed to create a shared space and declare their existence on the island.
Laetitia Sonami & Viola Yip were not stuck on the island. However, as strangers, they had to
understand each other’s attractions, habits and performative gestures, to make the space
meaningful and anew.

Commissioned by the ISSUE Project Room for their Distant Pairs series, both musicians and
instrument builders are creating a virtual electronic musical instrument which spans from Berlin
to Oakland. They connect through gestures and touch, apprehending the shared space which
requires both of them to sound and exist.

July 14, 2021              Distant Pair Series, Issue Project Room, NYC

March 2, 2022          Anthology Film Archive, New York City

Performance History

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