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The Sound and the Unsound (2018-2019 )
for real-time spatialized guitar and lights

The Sound and the Unsound is a further development from Transsonic Music. In collaboration with Nicola Hein (guitar), Etienne Nillesen (snare drum), Eva Jeske ( paintings), it is a performance that allows the inter-medial perception of music between guitar, snare drum, performative lights, the mechanical sounds of light switches, paintings and shadows. Through different lights and shadows, that is played as a counterpoint of instrumental sounds, it foregrounds multisensorial materials that is being performed in a musical manner — rhythmically, texturally, timbrally and spatially. 

Oct 12, 2019 Currents/ festival für aktuelle Tiefkultur, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, DE

July 20, 2019 Fuhrwerkswaage Kunstraum, Cologne, Germany

Feb 14, 2019 Hallraum Worringer Platz, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Oct 26, 2018 ON Musik Köln, Alte Feuerwache Köln, Cologne, Germany

Performance History

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