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vibrations vivantes iii (2016-2017)
for lightbulbs and lightbots

vibrations vivantes is a series of audiovisual pieces that explores the creative possibilities from the intersection between light and sounds in musical works. In this fourth installation, it aims to explore how light can be used as: (1) an instrumental interface, (2) a visual element for the performance, (3) shadows generator that creates theatricality in the piece, and (4) a music medium.


As an instrumental interface, its function is twofold. In the beginning of the piece, the light switches on the socket are performed as instrument. While the performers create percussive sounds through the light switches, the light (when it is in the “on” state) triggers electronic sounds through the light sensor and micro-controller and the pitch changes according to the light intensity and proximity of the light.


Moreover, the on and off states of lights generate various color affect and shadows of the performers, which adds an extra performative layer to the function of lights. Sounds and lights are often tied together in most of the piece, until after the climax. It is when the sounds are gone, but the light echoes the rhythm of the sounds from the climax. Light, then, act as a musical medium. Despite of the absence of sounds, the light stimulates our eyes in a similar way to sonic stimulations to our ears. By creating this multi-sensorial work, where sounds and light are incorporated in musical terms, it enriches our musical experience by demanding both our eyes and ears to engage. 

Performance History

Apr 14, 2019            aotuspace, Beijing

Apr 13, 2019            Miji Concert, h studio, Beijing

Aug 21, 2018           Ultra Golden Ratio Vol.4, Loophole, Berlin, Germany

Mar 10, 2018           MOXsonic Festival,

Mar 13, 2018           “Flicker”, Elastic Arts, Chicago

Mar 17. 2018            BEAMS Marathon festival weekend, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Jun 04, 2017           Confetti Machine: Realtime Media festival, Outpost Artists Resources, Ridgewood, Queens, NY.

Dec 10, 2017           “Body as Technology”, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY

Jan 06, 2018           Estalagem da Ponta do Sol Residency for Contemporary Music and Electronics,

                                 Cappella de San Sebastiaõ, Ponta do Sol, Madeira, Portugal.

Feb 24, 2017           The Woods Cooperative, Ridgewood

Mar 17, 2017            Muchmore’s, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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